Our lounges

The restaurant contains three rooms, each decorated in typically Andalusian style.


The bar is located across from the Main Room.

 There you can taste an extensive variety of tapas and snacks can be tried in addition to full portions of food.

Main lounge

Upon entering, you will find yourself in our beautiful main room that can hold up to 35 people

The bar and the main room are separated by a handmade iron wine rack that holds 240 wine bottles

This beautifully handcrafted wine rack was made by Salvador Prieto, a local blacksmith from Malaga.

Small indoor lounge

This lounge is located at the back, next to a larger one.

More private, for a maximum of 22 people is ideal for family or business meetings.

Large indoor lounge

Its capacity is perfect for up to 60 people making it an ideal site for celebrations and business meals